Saturday, June 27

Out of Sorts Leads To...

Fabulous productivity! Or so it seems.

I've been off-line for a bit due to illness that spread through my family in a feverish rage, so one at a time, each of us fell victim to the 3 day bug. UGH! Not fun.

But, as soon as we all got better, it was back to work (in theory, anyway). I knit like crazy to finish a STUNNING fair isle sock for Janel's new book, "The Enchanted Sole." I don't think I can share any photos of it yet, but I promise it is a sure winner. And I'm pretty tickled to have my name in a book. (eliciting a cheesy grin...)

I CAN show you some of the other projects on my plate:
1. Gnomes. Not sure why Alan Dart can't create toys in the round because seaming and sewing on little arms and legs = a gnightmare on gnome street. However, my little guy still turned out pretty dang cool. I used Encore DK, Falk Dalegarn, and Lion Brand Fun Fur to make this dapper little chap.


2. One of the gals at Recycled Lamb requested a triangular shaped scarf in a lace pattern and since I love a new challenge, I set upon it with excitement. It is coming out SO nicely!! I utilized a pretty herringbone lace pattern and a new technique I recently learned, the cable cast-on (I may post a tutorial later, but for now check out this video). I am using a fingering weight yarn by Monsoon Designs on "Green for Colleen." If I say so myself, it rocks!! Sorry, though, no pics!

3. I set about creating my work space. I needed something where I could work on the computer, draw my charts, fiddle through stitch patterns, etc, etc. On the wall in the far left of the pic is my dry erase board that lists my upcoming projects, deadlines, store stockings, ideas, gift project list, and general weekly to-do. On the desk, I have business cards, thank you cards, tissue paper (for shipping), colored pencils, and knitting odds-&-ends in the green drawers. Up top of some of my knitting books, printer, and shipping envelopes and underneath is my filing cabinet, paper shredder, paper cutter, and extra paper. The bottom drawers under the desk contain discs, office supplies, and address book. I bet you are green with jealousy right now, aren't you?!


I also got a new book this week,"The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques." This book is FANTASTIC and will review it later this week for you. I'm telling you: this needs to be added to your library!

Monday, June 8

Try, Try, Try Again

No pictures to show off today, but I can tell you that the past week has been overloaded with "you win some, you lose some" moments. I am sure you are familiar with those. Projects that you start, but have to rip out because of the perfectionist voice screaming at you to. Patterns that you are testing for someone else, only to find that the main objective is to test your last nerve and make you feel like a beginner knitter.

Sooo, now you know why I have nothing to show off today. But, I have restarted and am making better progress... we hope!