Friday, July 8

Tour de Fleece Day 7

I've been keeping myself pretty dang busy lately, including stripping down and re-painting a new desk!
Doesn't it look lovely? Almost like a real designer's work studio.
But, of course, I've been spinning yarn like there is no tomorrow. I'm especially proud of how Ellie's Rainbow turned out (Dyed by Kim of WSK)
Tomorrow, Day 8 of the Tour de Fleece 2011 will be spent working on a little WSK beauty called 'Cabo.' Check back for pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 6

TdF Day 5

I got a stunning yarn in the mail today for secret project #2! Seriously drooling. I can't share any more than that, but at least you can drool over the results of today's TdF.

Tuesday, July 5

TdF Day 4

Day 4 was spent doing too much eating (not a bad thing, mind you) and getting lots of knitting done. But, I managed to squeeze in a bit of spinning, too. By far, the best challenge I have ever participated in! :)

Monday, July 4

TdF Day 3

I didn't spin as much as I would have liked today, but I DO have one finished yarn in hand.
Here's a better view of that yummy-ness!

Not too shabby, eh?

Sunday, July 3

Tour de Fleece Day 2

On to Day 2 - I took that yummy fiber and started 2-plying it today....

Saturday, July 2

Tour de Fleece Day 1

It's the start off line of the Tour de Fleece and I'm hitting the road running. LOL

And all the while, working on secret design projects!