Tuesday, December 18

Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway on the Ravelry Group, Tabetha Hedrick Knitwear Design!

Today’s prize is a digital PDF of the magazine, Skein Theory!
image title

It is a sister publication to The Sock Report and a stunning collection of work. I have a design in the premier issue, Anderson

image title

The photography, the designers, the articles are FANtastic! You’ll love it! Thanks so much to those gals over at The Sock Report and Skein Theory. Go tell them thanks on Facebook!

To enter, head over to the Ravelry Group and tell me about your favorite holiday cookie recipe! you can even share the recipe, if you’d like. :) If you don’t bake, where do you get your sugar cravings satisfied?
Remember, one post per person, must be a member of the group, and get your post in before midnight tonight MST.

Monday, December 17

The most awesome idea.

I just have to share this amazing bit of news that my friend, Barbara, is knee-deep in - she is starting this awesome new venture: a YARN TRUCK!!!!!

That's right, a yarn store in a truck that travels around their locality, as well as to fiber shows,  much like a foodie truck. Can it get any better than that?! Oh yes, it can! They will be teaching, bringing awareness to the fiber arts (and fiber "raising"), as well as supporting and encouraging independent designers and yarn companies.

Now, they've already purchased "Little Debbie" and she is headed off to begin her restoration, but a project of this magnitude needs it's community to raise it up and get it going. Barbara and Maridee are two people that I deeply believe in, so come help them out with their Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign. They have AMAZING "thank you" gifts to dole out, so it is totally worth it -  like a signed "Winnie The Pooh" DVD, exclusive art by the Disney animator Bruce Smith, Yarnover bags and mugs, or even handknit gift items for YOU! Like I said, awesome.

They are at 25% of their goal, so hop on over to their IndieGoGo Campaign website and help build up a small business. You'll get that awesome squishy feeling in your heart, I promise. :)

Saturday, December 15


Today’s giveaway, over on my Ravelry Group, is a from Kollage, a fantastic company that is the inventor of the Square Needle and producer of some wonderfully yummy, unique yarns such as their Recycled Blue Jeans yarn (called Rivating). I can’t say enough good things about their needles: American-made, super sharp tips, smooth and easy joins on their cables….
Kollage has given us TWO sets of Size US 7 Needles (perfect for Day 7!): one circular set and one double-pointed needle set!
image title
Leave a comment on the group forum telling me your favorite worsted weight project to knit. I bet you’ll love working it in the square needles from Kollage! Remember, you must be a member of the group, one post per person, and get your comment in before 11:59pm MST. And remember to express your thanks to them through Facebook! :)

Friday, December 14

Day 6...

Of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is a goooood one!

A FREE Digital PDF copy of The Sock Report Magazine!! This mag is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen with SO many stunning pieces all worked in fingering weight yarn. There are over 16 beautiful designs that you will absolutely want to knit. You will LOVE it!!

image title

Go shower them with love, thanks, and adoration over at their group, on Facebook, or their blog. :)
Remember, you need to be a member of the Ravelry group, post only once, and get your post in before 11:59pm MST.
To enter, leave a comment on the Ravelry Group (Tabetha Hedrick, Knitwear Design) sharing what your favorite gift to knit is!

Thursday, December 13

On Day Five of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway....

It is Winner's Choice over on the Ravelry Group...

Choice 1 – Elinor Dashwood digital pattern PDF
image title

OR Choice 2 – Elderberry Cardigan digital pattern PDF
image title
I love these two pieces and hope you do, too!

Get on over there! 

Wednesday, December 12

On to Day 4...

Tons of fun over at the Ravelry group! Have you joined us yet?

Wheee! Day 4!

Today’s prize comes from the AMAZING Sarah Wilson, also known as TheSexyKnitter. She has sweetly donated stitch markers that were lovingly crafted by her very hands.

image title

Sarah is probably one of the most adorable gals you could meet, with stunning designs that are both provocative, beautiful, and engaging. She literally made the room gasp at a fashion show last year with her backless dress, Principesa Dress.

image title

In addition to designing, she also crafts and sews! Sarah creates stitch markers, knitter’s tool tins, and you’ll ADORE her awesome project bags! Please go shower her with fan-love over on Facebook or Twitter. And skip on over to her Etsy store to stock up on knitting-related Christmas gifts!
So, to enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment on the Ravelry group telling me what makes YOU feel sexy.

Monday, December 10

Over at the group...

I've announced the winner of  Day 1 and have posted the thread for Day 2! So, head on over to Tabetha Hedrick Knitwear Design Ravelry Group to participate!! (Remember, you HAVE to be a member of the group to qualify).

Today’s prize is courtesy of Lisa Swain with Jamberry Nails! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jamberry products - they make knitting extra joyful and fancy, but without the annoyance of wet nail polish, chipping, waiting for things to dry…. Lisa has provided us with special edition Snowmen shields!
image title
The whole sheet does 2-3 sets of fingernails and/or toenails! Here’s what mine looked like a few weeks ago with my Herringbone shields.
image title
They are super easy to apply (just clean your hands, heat the shield with a blowdryer, and press!). Mine typically last 1.5-2 weeks from day of application.

Lisa is an amazing woman who stands by her product. If you have ANY questions about your Jamberry prize, she will walk you through it, provide you links to video tutorials, etc. Feel free to “like” her Facebook page and give her some love….

In the package (which will be mailed to the winner within 7 days), you’ll receive the Snowman shields, practice shields, nail file, cuticle tool, catalog, and Lisa’s business information.
So, how do you win?! Easy peasy! Leave a comment on my Ravelry Group telling me what your favorite Christmas MOVIE is! :)

Sunday, December 9

It's time to start....

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!
You have to be a member of Ravelry (and a member of my group) to participate, but trust me when I tell you it is totally worth it. Not only are the giveaways bloody brilliant, but Ravelry is the ideal online hangout for ALL us fiber enthusiasts.

I am so grateful to the sponsors of this 12 day extravaganza:
Kollage Yarns


Lisa Swain, Jamberry Nails


Skein Theory Magazine & Sock Report Magazine
The Sexy Knitter (aka Sarah Wilson)

Annie's Publishing
 Here are the rules:
  • Must be a member of the group to post. 
  • Every day, there will be a new prize posted. You have until 11:59pm (Mountain Time), that same day, to leave a comment. 
  • Only one comment per person (unless otherwise stated for that day). 
Today's giveaway is for a digital copy of the September Cowl pattern! 
So, head over to the Ravelry Group right now! :)