Monday, December 17

The most awesome idea.

I just have to share this amazing bit of news that my friend, Barbara, is knee-deep in - she is starting this awesome new venture: a YARN TRUCK!!!!!

That's right, a yarn store in a truck that travels around their locality, as well as to fiber shows,  much like a foodie truck. Can it get any better than that?! Oh yes, it can! They will be teaching, bringing awareness to the fiber arts (and fiber "raising"), as well as supporting and encouraging independent designers and yarn companies.

Now, they've already purchased "Little Debbie" and she is headed off to begin her restoration, but a project of this magnitude needs it's community to raise it up and get it going. Barbara and Maridee are two people that I deeply believe in, so come help them out with their Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign. They have AMAZING "thank you" gifts to dole out, so it is totally worth it -  like a signed "Winnie The Pooh" DVD, exclusive art by the Disney animator Bruce Smith, Yarnover bags and mugs, or even handknit gift items for YOU! Like I said, awesome.

They are at 25% of their goal, so hop on over to their IndieGoGo Campaign website and help build up a small business. You'll get that awesome squishy feeling in your heart, I promise. :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our little project with your readers! You are the BEST!!!!