Friday, September 28


Janel Laidman and the rest of the crew outdid themselves with their premier online magazine, The Sock Report. I mean truly, I haven't seen such a stunning collection in one place in a long time! And then, I heard about the magazine's sister issue, Skein Theory, and was invited to submit a design for it's debut, which happened this week! Again, I am blown away by the beautiful photography, stunning pieces from outstanding designers, and a comprehensive, well-thought-out layout. There's even a FANTASTIC zipper tutorial in the first issue. So, what are you still sitting here for? Go check it... oh, wait, first I want to tell you about my own design in the magazine!

Presenting ANDERSON .......

©Rustling Leaf Press
 The yarn, graciously provided by Sweet Georgia Yarns, was divine. Smooth, tight twist. No splitting. And a fabulous warmth that makes the finished piece so comfortable.

The design came about after seeing some lovely angled pieces on the runway. I wanted something that was loose and comfortable, but interesting in the workup. I had wished for a deeper apex underneath the buttons, but in order to make the sizing accessible to as many sizes as possible while maintaining the same esthetic across the board, I had to sacrifice a bit of the depth. I love the final result, though, and hope you do, too!! 

Anderson offers 7 different sizes and is worked in a worsted weight yarn for quick knit (while also making it perfect for the Fall season). Feel free to hop on over to Skein Theory Magazine to purchase your copy today for $6.50. Or, while you are at it, buy the whole pattern collection for only $16. Or better yet, for only $24, you can get the entire digital collection AND the print booklet version when it comes out!

©Rustling Leaf Press

©Rustling Leaf Press
Somehow, though, I bet you want to win your own copy of the digital collection PDF, don't you? How'd I EVER guess?!
So, easy peasy - leave a comment, click "DO IT" and then "I COMMENTED" on the Rafflecopter widget thingy below (which ensures I have your email address), and I'll pick a winner on Monday morning via a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, September 24

Pushing Through

First, congratulations to Cynthia for winning the book, "Pheobe's Birthday," by Joanna Johnson! :)

For the past month, I have been the true epitome of "insanity" as I scramble to write about 16 patterns for two "secret projects." The stress of meeting the deadlines for these has been a bit overwhelming, resulting in a sad loss of "inspiration." The thought of sketching or swatching have left me a bit "meh."

But, I am thrilled that at this very moment, I am on the LAST ONE and can now focus on other projects that were pushed to the back burner. Like,
  • the baby blanket for my, now, 4-month old niece Eva.
  • Sweaters for my own kiddos (they've been begging every day).
  • exploring a new shawl design to release (I have this AMAZING yarn from Western Sky Knits that is demanding to become something beautiful, yet simple).
  • finishing my first sock book.
The good news is that because the much-desired Fall season is approaching (can you feel the crispness yet?), I am feeling a bit more motivation to push through and dig back in to my creative self. How about you? Has the Summer drained you of energy? Are you feeling the pull to dig in to your fiber stash? What's on your to-do list for knitting this Winter? 

Monday, September 17

Phoebe's Birthday by Joanna Johnson

As the mom of two little girls, I am always on the lookout for great kid books and I ADORE our newest one. "Phoebe's Birthday" is a charming story written by Joanna Johnson, the second in her Phoebe books, and illustrated by her husband Eric.

 Phoebe is turning 6 and gets to go to the seaside with her family to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. She explores the beach, practices swimming, and visits the yarn store - quite a lot for a special 6th birthday! My daughter, Ayla, loves reading her copy, delighting in the soft colors and sweet pictures. Not to mention that she is begging me to knit the charming patterns at the back of the book.

Joanna's knitting designs at the back of the book, Pheobe's Sun Romper, Sun Tunic, Party Dress, and Head Wrap are beautiful, with clearly written instructions and a wonderful girly appeal. She even includes a toy sewing pattern and a quilt pattern!

You and your child will NOT be disappointed in this book. In fact, why don't you enter to win a FREE copy signed by the author!

PLEASE NOTE: RAFFLE IS OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY. RAFFLE ENDS SEPTEMBER 21st, at 11:59pm. To enter: click "log in" on the Rafflecopter Display below. You can log in with your email or your Facebook account. You have to leave a comment on this blog post in order to be entered, but you may tweet about this post or follow my Twitter account for two extra chances. :) When you have left a comment on the blog post, just click the "+1 Do It" button on the Rafflecopter Display and then "I left a comment." This last step must be completed to be entered. 

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Friday, September 14

Marietta Stole

I am so excited to announce the release of a new design, published in collaboration with Sweet Georgia Yarns - Marietta Stole made her debut today!

Marietta Stole

Something lovely and soft, silky and lacy… that’s the Marietta. Deceptively easy, with eyelets and decreases flowing into a cable-like pattern, this piece is an absolute must for dressing up or winding down. The same was knit in Sweet Georgia's CashSilk Lace, which is a delicious yarn that flows so delicately and beautifully across the needles. As usual, I have included both charted and written instructions to accommodate all levels of knitters.

I am also thrilled about the photography! You've gotta give me a hand for that - I definitely think my style is becoming clear and my skills improving, don't you? It helps to have a stunning model (thanks, Amy!!). 

Ok, back to the pattern. Here's the knitty gritty....

23 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches in Marietta stitch

US 5 - 3.75 mm

800 yards (732 m)
18.5" wide x 57" long 
You can get to the pattern, available for CAN$6.00 (that's about $6.25 for us USA folks) by CLICKING HERE. And if the beautiful design and stunning photography wasn't enough incentive for you, how about a Coupon Code good for $1.00 off! Use code THMARIETTA for your deal - good for only a limited amount of time!

Thursday, September 13

Better Days

I have certainly had better days. In fact, I have had better months.

Much of my blog posts (and my next giveaway) have been delayed because I've been playing catch up. Here's the lowdown:
It began here: Vandals stole copper piping to the irrigation system outside our basement window (we live in a townhome complex) resulting a mini geyser that erupted for hours. It was about 5:30 in the morning, when I was kept hearing water running... struggling to NOT wake up that early, I poked the husband and said, "Is it raining? I hear water running..."
"hmmm? It's just the waterfall."
"Babe, no, wake up. I hear water running!"
The husband bounces up, runs to the basement, and drops the F-bomb. The geyser from the irrigation system filled our basement floor with about 2 inches of water across the span. Oy vey. Needless to say, I spent several days on the phone with the restoration company, the HOA Management company, my landlord, and all the neighbors who wanted to the scoop, on top of cleaning and trying to put things back together. The damage was minimal to physical things, but not to my mental outlook - I had paranoid delusions of the vandals coming back and doing the same thing for several nights, causing me to wake with a start at 2am.The vandalism also resulted in our water being turned off for 14 hours, so I took myself out to lunch at Red Robin's so I could use the bathroom. :)

The day after the Great Basement Flood of 2012, my husband came down with a nasty cold that made him pretty useless. Still loveable, but useless.

The day after husband got sick, the A/C stopped working. It was 98 degrees outside for 3 days. On a holiday weekend (Labor Day). Cue 2 more days of phone calls to landlord and A/C company.

Shortly after, my computer crashed and had to be formatted. I an entire day making sure everything was backed up before taking it to my fabulous computer guy, Matthew over at Average Joe Computer Services, to receive the dreaded treatment. I then spent two entire days re-installing all of my software and restoring all of my data and documents.

The moral of the story? To forgive someone who seems slow on the uptake. There is a good reason for it.

The good news? I am FINALLY caught up as of today (on emails, work, pattern writing, everything!)! Tune back in on Monday for a wonderful giveaway.