Thursday, April 22

Get ready for May 14th!

I've been busting my rear working on charts for a beautiful shawl for BBR and now I am annoyed at trying to figure out how to fit them on the pages without making you squint. Groan....

I am also swatching like a mad woman for some upcoming submissions and have also swatched a sample for an independent design for a child's top. Should be fun stuff! 

While you wait impatiently for pictures that I hope to someday provide you, how about saving up your money for an upcoming auction benefit? The details will be forth coming, but go ahead and save the date: May 14th. There will be some amazing (REALLY amazing!!!!) items to help raise money for my friend Stephanie. She got slammed with some nasty stuff while pregnant which kept her in critical care for nearly 4 months. Long story short, her sweet baby was born at around 29 weeks gestation and she suffered a clot in her spine that left her paralyzed from the neck down. She was flown to a specialty rehab hospital over 8 hours from her own home and began her rehabilitation 2ish weeks ago. Stephanie is amazing, her family is so supportive, and her new baby is a trooper....  I can't imagine the nightmare that she and her family have gone through, but this is the perfect time to show that it really does take a village. We can rally together to help them with their medical bills, their travel expenses (because husband and kids still have to work and go to school back home), food, and the like. So get ready, my friends. We have the opportunity to take some of the boulders off their shoulders... "A Whole Latte Love" MAY 14th!!

Saturday, April 17


When you are faced with decision, especially when one choice will get in the way of the other choice, hesitation often results. And when THAT happens, very little actually gets done! It's a vicious paradox to be stuck in and I fear that I have such a choice ahead of me.

Now, don't laugh.

But, I need to deep spring clean. NEED to. Along with the massive re-organization that my home must undergo. It's affecting my sleep, even. Sigh. But, I have so much knitting work to do and pattern writing, that taking the "time off" to clean will impeded my ability to "stay ahead."

LOL ok, I am laughing at myself. Ahhh... if only most life choices could be so ... mundane.
So, I will sit down with paper and pen today to map out the chores and organization plans, as well as schedule in the work time to finish such things as:
Coriolis sock to show off to my upcoming class in May
Prep a design submission for Knit Scene
Prep a design submission for Creative Knitting submission
Prep a design submission for independent publishing
Prep a design submission for GIAN publishing
A pair of socks for a friend's father
Sew up a child's top for a book (as well as finish up the pattern)
Finish up the pattern for a shawl