Saturday, May 30

The Perils of Sock Knitting

I'm not kidding. Sock knitting is a dangerous venture. With needles flying faster than the speed of sound (at least, I imagine they are), the risks posed are quite high. I can easily entertain the idea of a poked eye, stabbed finger, but in my particular case, it involves the destruction of clothing. Yes, clothing. Shirts to be more specific. I counted 16 of my shirts peppered with b-b-gun like holes:


Sigh... it's a terrible thing to have to discover. But, ah well, I've made a bit of money the past few weeks, so a whole new shirt wardrobe was in order. Now I knit with a thick apron over my lap at home. The perils, I tell ya.

There are a few other risks, but I will just mention one for now and that is the sensation of being overwhelmed! I'm currently testing a sock pattern for Janel's new book (big secret until it is released, so hush!), trying to keep up to date with a blog, working with a graphic's artist for a new logo, playing around with some new designs, swatching fun yarns, listing the Anu Sock Pattern officially for sale, and finishing up sock orders. Whew! Is your head spinning yet? Here's some finished project pics to help you re-focus....
Sock close up



Swirl Socks

K3P2 Ribbed Socks

Yum, huh? LOL

Don't be afraid to order a copy of my new pattern, available from Ravelry or my Hyena store.

Friday, May 15

Feeling the Rush

My first stocking with TLC was a great success, I think, since I sold 3 custom slots. I received the customer's yarn early this week and have set to work knitting some fabulous socks (in my humble opinion) for Tina. I decided to experiment with a new stitch pattern on one of the pairs, which has come out very nicely. I think I have the makings of a new sock pattern!

Speaking of patterns, my Anu Socks are in their final stage of editing (I hope!!) and should be ready for the TLC "BIG Welcome" stocking for our 6 new vendors this coming up Tuesday (the 19th). Be sure to come check it out at 2pm EST - there are a lot of goodies to snatch up.

I picked up some hemp/cotton yarn the other day at RL. I can't wait to get a chance to swatch it. The more I fondle it, the more I think it is a great choice for the tee I have in mind for the girls. I'll be sure to show pics of it as I swatch later.

Monday, May 11

Something was accomplished!

Yea! Over this past week, I was able to:
1. Sell all my custom sock slots for the month of May
2. Upload and organize pictures of my Sock Stash for customers to choose from (and for me to remember!)
3. Finish writing the "Anu Sock" pattern which is currently being tested by a willing friend of mine
4. Actually start a pair of socks for myself for the first time in over a year with the STUNNING "Bella" colorway by Western Sky Knits.
I probably won't make much progress on it, though, since I need to get started on some custom orders that came in over the weekend.

I spent a lot of time this week working on a new sock design, but something about it is eluding me. I think I have knit, frogged, re-knit, and frogged again in a never ending cycle for days! ARGH! I opt to remain on the hopeful side but I think it might have to be put away for a while.

Yesterday, I was able to complete some rough sketches on two designs: a toddler dress and a toddler shirt. I think they will be ultra cute, but I need to find the right yarn. Sugarbubbie is highly tempting right now, but then so is the hemp blend that I recently saw at Recycled Lamb.... ahhhh, decisions, decisions! Actually, I am thinking the hemp would be very nice for the top, so I may get some this week when I go in to teach my sock knitting class.

Ok, off to get chores completed and socks knitted!

Thursday, May 7

Getting Nothing Done

After spending the past two days running around like... well, like a crazy person, I awoke this morning with the plan on getting a LOT done. And yet, everything remains as it was when I woke. Two days worth of housework, pattern writing, sock knitting, and charting are all untouched. Mostly, it is because I have sat, frustrated, in front of the computer trying to wrap my ahead around the concept of HTML. Then, I moved on to cursing under my breath as the "codes" refused to do anything for me as I struggled to "sophisticate" my blog.

On a positive note, I had a wonderful time with my sock knitting class last night, though I think my students left a bit more confused then when they arrived. I'm hoping that doesn't speak to lowly of my teaching skills. I did have the chance to chart out a design for socks that has been bouncing around in my head. Personally, I think my idea will be stunning (assuming I can pull it off).

Tuesday, May 5

A New Blog

I've decided that my new business, Pisces Knits, needs to be accompanied by a new blog so you can keep up to date on my projects, designs, submissions, and the like. Of course, you can always follow me around on Ravelry, but this option gives you a little more in-depth info.

I'm pretty excited to announce the grand opening of my "store" with the Tiny Lady Cooperative, a wonderful group of like-minded gals who bring their businesses together into one "congo." We stock pretty regularly (the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month), so you will always find fabulous new items. In fact, we go live today with our newest items at 2pm Eastern Time, so come check us out!

I have a few custom sock slots for sale, as well as some completed socks. Here's a sampling:

The pattern for my "Anu Socks," inspired by the Irish Goddess of fertility, springs, and fountains, shall soon be available, as well. It is a simple pattern with beautiful texture that I hope everyone enjoys:
Anu Socks