Thursday, May 7

Getting Nothing Done

After spending the past two days running around like... well, like a crazy person, I awoke this morning with the plan on getting a LOT done. And yet, everything remains as it was when I woke. Two days worth of housework, pattern writing, sock knitting, and charting are all untouched. Mostly, it is because I have sat, frustrated, in front of the computer trying to wrap my ahead around the concept of HTML. Then, I moved on to cursing under my breath as the "codes" refused to do anything for me as I struggled to "sophisticate" my blog.

On a positive note, I had a wonderful time with my sock knitting class last night, though I think my students left a bit more confused then when they arrived. I'm hoping that doesn't speak to lowly of my teaching skills. I did have the chance to chart out a design for socks that has been bouncing around in my head. Personally, I think my idea will be stunning (assuming I can pull it off).

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