Monday, May 11

Something was accomplished!

Yea! Over this past week, I was able to:
1. Sell all my custom sock slots for the month of May
2. Upload and organize pictures of my Sock Stash for customers to choose from (and for me to remember!)
3. Finish writing the "Anu Sock" pattern which is currently being tested by a willing friend of mine
4. Actually start a pair of socks for myself for the first time in over a year with the STUNNING "Bella" colorway by Western Sky Knits.
I probably won't make much progress on it, though, since I need to get started on some custom orders that came in over the weekend.

I spent a lot of time this week working on a new sock design, but something about it is eluding me. I think I have knit, frogged, re-knit, and frogged again in a never ending cycle for days! ARGH! I opt to remain on the hopeful side but I think it might have to be put away for a while.

Yesterday, I was able to complete some rough sketches on two designs: a toddler dress and a toddler shirt. I think they will be ultra cute, but I need to find the right yarn. Sugarbubbie is highly tempting right now, but then so is the hemp blend that I recently saw at Recycled Lamb.... ahhhh, decisions, decisions! Actually, I am thinking the hemp would be very nice for the top, so I may get some this week when I go in to teach my sock knitting class.

Ok, off to get chores completed and socks knitted!

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