Saturday, July 4

Book Review: The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Technique

This book, The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques, by Margaret Radcliffe is FAB.U.LOUS! I'll admit, I have long been afraid to work with color outside of multicolored yarns, but Radcliffe convinced me to take the plunge.

Radcliffe goes into stunning detail about how to work with multicolor yarns, Intarsia, and Fair Isle, as well as a variety of other techniques such as Twined Knitting, Entrelac, and Shadow Knitting. When I say detailed, I mean high quality photographs, clearly written directions, instructions for working flat or in the round, pattern stitches, and wonderful descriptions of basic techniques that we all need refreshers on. Radcliffe easily blends basics with a full bibliography to delve deeper, never leaving you wondering. It is step-by-step for the beginner and eye-opening for the advanced knitter. Seriously, if you could just have ONE book on color knitting for your reference library, this would be it.

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