Wednesday, September 22

A Week of Premiers

Fun things are debuting this week, so it is quite exciting around here. Well, for me at least. Mr. Goat smiles appropriately when I tell him to.

First, my Studio Shop Grand Opening is tomorrow! I needed a shopping cart that was simple, flexible, and allowed me the room to display my creativity when... well, when creativity strikes! 8pm EST on Sept 23 - lots of handspun goodies and patterns!

Julia's Lace, a lovely and unique scarf, has been hovering on my desk for eons until she smacked me, saying, "put me out there, woman!" Julia is definitely of the sassy sort. Some of you may not know who she is, but I'll happily share that story another time. In the meantime, look how pretty her scarf is ....

For $4.50, you are getting a fun to knit pattern. I'll list more info and purchasing details tomorrow.

Aaaaaaand, last but not least, the November issue of Creative Knitting Magazine is out! My two patterns make a nice addition to the issue, I [humbly] think (the pictures are courtesy of Creative Knitting Magazine - thanks for the use, guys!)

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