Wednesday, August 12

Stemming the Tide of Panic

For the past couple of weeks, and continuing all the way until the 19th, I have been in an overwhelming state of panic mostly due to how much change has been going on around me. How shall I lay it all out for you.... lease for our HORRIBLE apartment is up, go rental house hunting, find a new rental, sign lease, plan moving day, attend 4 year old's preschool registration and enrollment orientation, start packing, get ready to teach New Pathways class at Recycled Lamb, teach said class, continue packing, work frantically on Farmer's Market Themed items for TLC, paint daughter's room pink in the new house, and still to come? meet daughter's teachers, attend daughter's open house, finish painting (today), actually MOVE (on the 15th!), PTO meeting, daughter's "phase-in" day and then first day of school, finish Farmer's Market items by the 20th for pictures....

Ok, I think you get the idea! And I am sure I forgot some things in that "description."

On the plus side, I did get this cute heart tee done for daughter...


Knit with Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, which is a lovely yarn. I enjoyed knitting with it, though it does separate easily. It makes up for it in softness after blocking.

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