Friday, January 8

Long time, no see!

Apparently I failed miserably in the blog department last year. Oops!! While I don't necessarily believe in New Year Resolutions, suffice it to say that I am determined to remedy my blog inadequacies in 2010. Let's get the ball rolling with all the projects I had on my place over the past few months.

1. Design Acceptance! Creative Knitting Magazine accepted a pullover design, so be sure to look for that this coming September issue! Woot!!! It was quite an emotional day as I realized it was only the beginning...

2. The holidays! Oh my.... it was overwhelming to say the least, especially when you throw in the CK deadline of Dec 18th. Here are some highlights of the gift-giving season ...



And that's just to show a few - I also knit scarves, shawl, and socks for hubby.

3. Orders! I had a about 4 pairs of socks to knit, as well as a FABULOUS Sleuthing Hoodie (of which I am now a licensed knitter!). This was for my friend Denise's son ...
My favorite part about sock knitting is that I have so many opportunities to come up with new patterns, like this one (thinking about writing it up for sale) ...


2009 ended with lots of ups, a few downs, and definitely too much chaos. But, it was a good year. I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store! Happy New Year, my friends.

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