Saturday, January 9

Spinning = Whhheeeeeee!

One of the biggest highlights of 2009 was my brand spanking new Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel!!! Can I tell you how AWESOME it is?!?! LOL


Each one is "unique" in that it has a ladybug in a different spot for each wheel...

I took a class with the fabulous Pat Martinek at the Recycled Lamb to learn all about the basics, have repeatedly devoured the information in Spin Control and Start Spinning (both books are must haves for the beginning spinner!), and am now spinning my way through all the holiday fiber I received. Here are some finished products that I am quite proud of ...

This was spun on British Merino Top, dyed "Jungle Chic" by Disco Baby Knits


And. most recently, "Promise" by Sugarbubbie, Merino (tried my hand at Navajo Plying)


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