Tuesday, January 19

Highlighting Some Dyers

I thought today, I'd give shout outs to my *favorite* mama dyers out there (and that's really about all I can muster today as the roofing guys, with their incessant pounding, are completely drowning out the voices that reside in my head).

Sugarbubbie - Tina is such an AMAZING dyer with deep, rich, vibrant colors. My jaw literally drops with yarn lust when I see the new wonders she cooks up. Her love of it really shines through in her work and she is one of the few HC's out there that offers up different/fun yarns. My current faves are: Claire, Chrisalis, and Wild Flowers. She's also been showing up at Revolution, too!

A Time To Dye - Lamar is practically prolific in her art. She pulls from her spiritual studies when it comes to naming her colorways, which are often soft, beautifully blended, and knit up wonderfully. I LOVE Boaz and Songs of Meditation

Disco Baby Knits - one of my other TLC gals, Kara, is really creative with her dying. Her colors are often earthy, bright, and always knit up as I imagine they would. Definitely give Solar Storm and Beautiful Dreamer. As a side note, 100% of her auction donations are going to Haiti, so check her out!!

So, that's all the highlights I'm going to to spit out, but I'll add that I am a big fan of Mosaic Moon, Three Irish Girls, and Fairy Blue, too. Ok, off to stuff cotton in my ears so I can finish some chores.... enjoy the links!

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