Monday, January 18

Life of a dreamer

I am always dreaming, always envisioning, and, thus, always planning too many goals. But, at least I don't get too dejected when I don't meet them all. It is better to dream ...

So, goals for the week are to:
1. finish one sleuthing hoodie and one pair of socks
2. start another hoodie (and finish at least 1/4 by Sat)
3. graph out a child's summer top design and swatch it. This one is getting to be pretty important, because my children keep harassing me to make them something. lol
4. graph out two sock designs for my book (shhh... its a secret!).

Oh, and I want to swatch for my mittens because winter is FAR from over in Colorado.And Elyll (the fiber, not the yarn) is insisting that I make time for her this week - she is nearly ready for plying.

So, yeah, I'm a dreamer.

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