Tuesday, March 9


I've been quite the busy bunny, to the point of becoming overwhelmed, but I decided to step back and spin some yarn this past weekend. Relaxing, energizing, and fun! I'm now ready to plow ahead through my week!

The next best thing to yarn is a sink full of nearly-finished yarn

I think my plying is becoming more consistent! Yea! This is "Ellyll" by MM, 100% Merino Roving, 2ply, sport to fingering weight. I spun about 643 yads


My friend Pat gave me a beautiful batt called "Starry Night" that I decided to just play with. 95% alpaca with 5% angelina, 3 ply, bulky weight

And sweet, sweet Angela from Fairy Blue sent me this fabulous fiber today. Can't wait to spin it this week!

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