Friday, March 26

The lovely feeling of completion

It comes at random moments, but when I have completed something, it is a fabulous sensation - a sense of calm, contentment, and glee all rounded up into a happy sigh. Ahhh...

On Monday, my two cardigans for Creative Knitting were mailed off complete with schematics, charts, and all the goodies necessary for a good pattern. They looked fabulous, if I may say so myself, and once again, I shout out amazing thanks to South West Trading Company and Plymouth Yarns for their inspirational support. I wish I could show you pictures, but, you can see them in all their glory this November.

I also completed the unthinkable. Yes. I actually cleaned my desk. GASP! I will not embarrass myself with pictures of the "before," but will proudly show off the after...


It's not ideal as have dreams of an actual office (this is squeezed into the corner of my bedroom), but I think it satisfies considering the size of our town home. You know your desk was a site of disaster when your husband stands in awe at the new look.

The pink yarn on top of the table is delicious. A soft, summery yarn perfect for the design I have going into a book! SERIOUSLY! I get to be in a book! :)

My sock knitting class is nearing the end of their sessions and are cranking out fantastic socks! But, I'm gearing up for a new summer session at Recycled Lamb with these two classes:
  • New Pathways for Socks - we will be learning the Coriolis Sock (toe-up version) from Cat Bordhi's book on Monday nights (5/3-5/24) at 6pm. 
  • Socks for Newbies - because I am determined to have handknit socks take over the world... learn the basics (and ALL the tips and tricks that will last you a life time) on Mondays (7/5 to 7/26) at 6p
Swing by the shop if you are interested in signing up.

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