Tuesday, May 18

Suore Felice

I am back from a fabulous vacation in California visiting family, ready to work, work, work... like I don't have enough of that in my life.

Stephanie's fundraiser was AWESOME and I am proud to say that my yarn and three sock slots brought in $276.50! WOOT! I think, overall, we raised over $2500!! The family will still need more help, so keep your ears and eyes open for more fundraisers in a couple of months.

Over the past few weeks, I busted my behind getting two projects completed for a book and yarn company and then I was left with a (fleeting) week of nothing to do! So, I swatched new ideas for a few submissions. But, I was most tickled to think up this new top of my sweet kidlets. Suore Felice (pronounced Soiree Feh-lee-chay) is Italian for "Happy Sisters." Indeed, my little monkeys were thrilled to have me knitting something for them (finally). Tee hee...

Ayla's is on the blocking mat right now, but Sophie has been proudly wearing hers and garnering comments throughout the day. Fear not, the pattern is nearly complete and about to go through testing. I expect to have it ready to debut in about 2 weeks! :) Here are some cutesy pics to whet your appetite.





My photography is getting better, eh? Or, at least, my Photoshop skills are. LOLOL

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  1. That is so cute. Do you need testers still??