Monday, May 24

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I have submission proposals out everywhere and here I sit, trying not to think about the possible rejections. lol I am also eagerly anticipating the arrival of this fabulous fiber that I won in the fundraiser from A Time To Dye... (LOVE my dearest Lamar!)

It looks so dreamy, doesn't it?

The "on hold" list also contains my tester feedback from Suore Felice. Only a few of them have begun ripping me apart (lol), while the other half remain mysteriously quiet. Hmmm.... the more ripping I get, the less I have to pay the tech editor, so perhaps I should hound them.

I'm finishing up a couple of proposals for another magazine and a yarn company with hopes in getting them completed by Thursday.

Good news? I had a pullover accepted to Tangled Magazine for their Winter '10 issue. Sweet! Their team looks to be putting together an awesome 'zine with lots of options for everyone. I'm definitely looking forward to their debut!

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