Thursday, June 3

I took a break from the clicking of knitting needles today to get a much needed hair cut. I look pretty, cute, I think!

But, these socks (Koto w/o Pink) are rocking the beauty boat the most. Nicki, the winner from Stephanie's fundraiser will be thrilled!
 My poor husband was sad to not have them for himself. I told him that if he didn't have such freakishly large feet, I would be happy to knit him some. Since I don't see that changing any time soon... well, he'll just continue to be sad. Mwahaha

We took a trip out to Gunnison for the hub's mountain bike race. He's not the happiest with the outcome, but I thought he was fabulous. And we got to see pretty scenery. So, a great weekend. It also gave me the chance to play with photoshop. SO not good at it, but I am having too much fun to care

Now, on to more knitting!

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