Friday, June 11

A Trial Run

I'm not cool enough to head to TNNA yet, but I am planning on it in January (assuming all goes according to plan). In the meantime, I thought I'd give myself a trial run at self-promotion this weekend at the Estes Park Wool Market. The worst that could possibly happen is that I spend lots of money on yummy fiber (shhhhh..... let's surprise the hubs, ok?).

So, I went nuts knitting up a tank to prove I can actually knit. Not my proudest achievement by any means, but alas, it is what happens when you go into a project with zero planning time. But, I DID get it done like I said I would. With time to spare, even!! The malabrigo is luscious and soft, yet it is nicely lightweight enough for the tank. Layer is in order as I went a little too wide in the back...




I even made myself some fancy cards to hand out. tee hee. Now, if only I had a wingman to push me towards the booth. lolol

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