Monday, June 7

I'm a wee bit crazy

Most likely, my insane decision yesterday is what led to the very first real gray hair that I discovered this morning... alas.

Yesterday, is a dawning of desperate realization, I decided to design and knit a tank top for myself to be completed by Friday afternoon at the latest. Why the insanity? Estes Park Wool Festival is this weekend, something I have been planning to attend for the past year. It will be my practice run before TNNA (in January), where I will woo the yarn companies with my charm, my style, and hopefully my design skills.

At least, that's what I tell myself will happen.

Tee hee.

But, I can't do that unless I am wearing something I have designed!!!

Hence the craziness.

So, I hopped in the car and headed to the Fancy Tiger. Mostly because I have never been there. Funky, cute, full of style. They have some super yummy yarns and, thus, I picked up this Malabrigo for the tank


Oh yes! It is indeed as squishy and soft as it looks! My swatch is drying as we speak, so now I need to go work on my numbers. All else will have to wait until it is completed.

Wish me luck!

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