Friday, July 9

Introducing Cerelia

It's been a fab week in the world of design for Tabetha! Cerelia, designed for Bijou Basin Ranch, has been officially released! Yippee!

Photo Courtesy of Bijou Basin Ranch (2010)

And here is their sweet write up of it:
"Detailed, lacy, and unique, this shawl will be one of your most prized possessions. Designed by Tabetha Hedrick using Bijou Spun’s 100% Yak, Fingering Weight yarn, the stitches in the pattern keep it interesting and fun from start to finish. A beautiful, soft and almost weightless piece at the end is sure to become a classic."

Makes me feel all professional and whatnot. Hehe. I hope you take the chance to knit this fabulous shawl, available for immediate download at the BBR Website.

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  1. LOVE IT! Love it! Truly, I do! Looks gorgeous! Well done you!