Tuesday, July 6

Leaf Trim V-Neck

Yippee! The September issue of Creative Knitting Magazine is finally out and do you know what is in it (as a web bonus pattern)?

(Photo is courtesy of DRG/Creative Knitting)

Tee hee! That's my design! I'm pretty psyched out it, though my perfectionist mind is at work... as I look back to that (it was knit almost a year ago), I realize I have learned SO much more since then! My knitting has improved exponentially, as well as my concepts, ideas, and construction techniques. Every day is a new chance of growing, eh? 

Anyways, it has been placed as a web bonus feature so it isn't in the actual magazine, but SOON my designs will be .. I can't wait to show you the two designs in their upcoming November issue. In the meantime, if you subscribe or purchase the current issue, you can check it out online