Monday, August 16

Catasrophic Failure

It was the catastrophe of all catastrophes. The worst nightmare imaginable for a knitwear designer who relies on her computer for professional correspondence, pattern writing, schematic drawing, submission emails, swatch scanning, pattern sale reviews, website maintenance, etc, etc, etc: a laptop that experienced Catastrophic Failure of epically fatal proportions.

My panic wasn't full-fledged because I wisely signed up for Mozy a few months ago when the old gal started giving me serious issue (if you do NOT have it or something similar then get it! Life.Saver.Period.)

But, still. I cried in the shower as I struggled with what to do. Financially, it would be a while before a new one could be had (some seriously wicked dentist bills, car insurance renewal, car registration renewal, and other such delights had arrived in the mail just that week!).

Later that day, a hero arrived. While not in shining armor or on a tall white horse, this hero came forward bearing the Coast Guard emblem on his chest, a Best Buy receipt in his pocket, and a Cheshire-cat grin on his face. My step-dad, loving referred to as 'Pops,' (visiting for my little one’s birthday party) had gone out to get me a new laptop. One that is bigger and better than the old gal from before - I even get a full size keyboard and screen now! Woo Hoo!


My documents are restored, fancy software installed, and fingers are happily working away...

No amount of thanks can be enough for his generous gift. I’m thinking I am going to have to name a pattern after him…

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