Friday, August 13

Time flies

It really does fly by - the year is already half over, my little baby just turned three, my oldest is starting kindergarten, and amidst all the holidays, summer gatherings, and school preparations, I don't have any time for personal knitting!

One of my dream magazines actually wants me and accepted a design last month! Yippee! So, I am working fiendishly on that particular project. [I'm mentally inserting a HUGE cheesy grin right here]

I've received some fabulous installments to my fiber stash recently
WSK (dyed by Leidy)

Becoming Art

Laines Magnifiques

100% Bamboo from Colorbomb Creations (give to me by my fabulous WH Secret Girlfriend)

And I am in the midst of spinning this WSK "Turtle Bay" up with plans to navajo ply it!

Now, enough playing on the computer! I have chores to do before my mommy comes for a fab weekend visit!

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