Friday, July 13

The Buzz about Halos of Hope

Who will you SAVE or SHAVE?

I've recently come to learn about an organization called Halos of Hope, started by this amazing gal, Pam Haschke. Her goal, as a stage-3 cancer survivor herself, is to make sure that people going through chemotherapy have a soft sense of comfort, knowing that someone out in this great big world loves and cares for them. She, and other volunteers with the organization, collect thousands of hats to send out to cancer patients who have lost their hair.
Pam Haschke, Founder, Halos of Hope

Many of you know that these efforts to assist cancer patients hold a dear place in my heart - cancer reaches all of us, without question. I've had family members battle cancer, some who have won and a few who have lost, and each notice is like a wound to the heart. My own sister runs the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's marathon every year, raising funds for the treatment of blood cancers. And I've watched a dear friend, perhaps one of the strongest women I will every come to know, shave her own head in a show of solidarity for her 2 year old daughter battling Leukemia (fyi: that sweet girl is now 6 years old and cancer FREE!). In fact, if you want to get down to the knitty gritty, an estimated 1.6 MILLION new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed THIS YEAR (and that estimate doesn't even include minor, non-invasive cancers). The point, my dear friends, is that someone you know is going to need support, love, encouragement, and strength to fight, even in the smallest of ways. And we can certainly make a step, however simple, in that direction.

How about we start, right now, by shaving the heads of some Fiber-luvin' Rock Stars!

XRX and Halos of Hope are partnering up for a fun, yet increasingly important fundraiser called the 'The Great Halos of Hope Buzz.' (that's a mouthful, I know). Benjamin Levisay of XRX, Mark Moraca of Kollage Yarns, and Drew Emborsky of Crochet Dude are ready to get shaved - for only $10 a vote, will you choose to save them or shave them? {I'm voting to SHAVE Mark! Haha!}

Go vote, share, re-post - you have until Oct 13th! Your help will ensure that many, MANY more hats go out to people who need them. And they will need them. You have my personal thanks for all you do in the cancer battle.

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