Wednesday, July 4

Designs for Kollage Yarns

I had the great pleasure of designing two pieces for Kollage Yarns' Fall pattern lineup! Buy, knit, and enjoy!

Stunning cables, rich texture, and a pattern written for two yarn weights result in a project that you'll want to knit again and again. I, personally, love this design and hope you do, too. 

Don't be intimidated by the use of fingering-weight yarn in this sweater. It results in a delightfully light piece that is perfect for those warmer early Fall days. Beautiful cables and eyelets panel up the front, while simple shaping and quick sleeves create a sophisticated fit. 

What is even more awesome about Kollage is that their square needle products are now 100% American made! I was given the chance to try out their needles at TNNA and I am super impressed.

Kollage is the inventor of the square knitting needle and are constantly seeking to improve the experience for us crafters. These needles have a beautiful pewter-like finish, fantastic points that are perfect for lace, and a nice smooth join (very smooth, actually) between the needle and cable. They do tend to cause tighter stitches, so you might explore using a needle size larger than you are used to. I encourage you to talk to your yarn store for a demo!

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