Friday, May 24

The Shape of Knitting

I was given the awesome opportunity to review this book by Lynne Barr. Let me just say that it has resulted in a major "wow" from me and I haven't been able to put it down. Barr, author of two other innovative books, has developed a fascinating course in shaping flat knitting into wonderfully dimensional, visual, and almost 3-dimensional pieces with many techniques that we already know: cast-ons, bind-offs, increases and decreases, and short rows. In The Shape of Knitting, she goes into great detail about dividing and combining stitches, resulting in a stunning array of methods that will delight your knitting senses.

22 unique projects will this book, such as the Warm Hands Scarf or the unusual Square Arches Socks. I am dying to try out the Rocking Rib Wrap, which is a beautiful array of adding and subtracting stitches. Oh, and the Ripple Vest and 3D Headbands are awe-inspiring!

The majority of the patterns are fast so that you can master the techniques before quickly moving on to learn more. Socks, scarves, bags, thick sweaters, hats, and stunning shawls will delight knitters of every level, especially intermediate and advanced knitters who think they've seen it all.

The layout is fresh and clean, with bright images, clear text, and lovely colors. Most of the designs utilize very basic stitches, so charts aren't necessary, and really let you dig deep into the shaping methods. Abrams Books absolutely picked a winner here with a trailblazer like Lynne Barr. 

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