Tuesday, April 24


Color me in love. Seriously. So much in love, that I have to rave over these for a little bit. Humor me -
Since receiving back in February, I've been putting my new Addi Lace Long Tip Clicks through the ringer and I just have to say that they have performed beautifully. The tips are sharp enough to handle just about any sort of cable or lace I throw its way, making specialty stitches (such as nupps) a breeze. The join, while not as smooth as butter, doesn't snag any of the finer yarns. This aspect, especially, is a big deal for me - I can't tell you how many hours I have spent trying to free a lace-weight yarn from other interchangeable needles that start to unscrew.... which points me to the best part of this set: the needles "click" into place - it connects so easily! AND it doesn't come undone!

I really debated whether to go with the shorter needles (and I might eventually get those, too), but I tend to work larger items that don't demand a smaller working circumference. So, when that hot pink cover looked at me, I couldn't help but get weak at the knees and say "yes." 

My one critique is mild - the oils on my fingers or the yarn (?) seem to wear the sizing information off of the cables and fades the stamp on the needles. Overall, not a big deal for me.

Its an expensive set, but at this point, I can proclaim that it is worthy! Haha! Find a distributor near you and give them a test.


  1. So are the needles comparable to knit picks in pointiness? That is one reason I haven't really looked into the click set, I like pointy needles. I keep having issues with my KP needles coming apart at the join though which is VERY frustrating for me.

    1. The needles are nice and pointy (a MUST-have in my line of work). I never liked the regular Addi tips because they were too blunt, but the lace ones are perfect.

      Thanks so much for your question!