Friday, April 13

I am serious about gauge

I am so serious about gauge, in fact, that I am determined to reach out to every knitter everywhere. I started with the "Make it or Break it Gauge Workshop" at Recycled Lamb. And now? Now I am going global and using Knitscene Magazine to promote my message. Wink.

Summer, Knitscene Magazine
In the just-released Summer issue of Knitscene, I've written a great (in my humble opinion) article entitled "Measure Gauge the Right Way." I bet most people are as confused about this aspect as they are about the idea that there are TWO different kinds of gauge!


I just shocked you there, didn't I?

Well, go buy the issue and read that article. You'll learn the difference between the two gauges, why each is important, how to properly measure each, and how to calculate the differences. Highlight it. Re-read it. Learn it. Live it! I am confident that it will turn that knitting path ahead of you into a whole new direction. 

Oh, and definitely let yourself ooh and aah over the collection of designs from Sarah Wilson (aka The Sexy Knitter). Seriously, her designs will wow you (and since you now know about proper gauge, it won't be wishful thinking to start knitting some!).

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