Friday, April 27

It can't get any better

It cannot get any better than this delicious yarn from Sweet Georgia. It just can't. Smooth, even yarn with colors that are reminiscent of vintage photographs. The owner, Felicia, is positively delightful and you can see how much she loves what she does. Luxurious fibers, an amazing palette, and a large variety of weights takes Sweet Georgia from 'indie dyer' to 'can't-resist-ultra-fabulous-indie-yarn-company." There, I said it. Take a peak - drool a little - you can clean up the keyboard later....

Merino Silk Aran

Cashsilk Lace

Superwash DK
I'm plugging away at Secret Project #1 using the Superwash DK right now. The stitch definition is amazing. My fingers would do a happy dance if they were the dancing kind. You can look forward to 3 designs from our collaborations before the Fall.


  1. I need another napkin or two to wipe up my keyboard. I need that green. oh and the brown too. Can't wait to see what you are doing with it.