Monday, May 14

Consider this...

You can consider this my official announcement...

I have a BIG ol' project starting up and one that I am insanely crazy about. Think "Subversive Socks." A book filled with wonderfully, sassy subversive socks.

Now, normally, I am a quiet, unassuming kind of gal (wink, wink), so this type of project just might wig you out. Just a bit. But, oh, how exciting, too!

You see, I was once obsessed with socks, but soon, they all began to look the same. It was time for something bold and crazy to emerge. The ideas started pouring out and before you know it, I had enough to intrigue the folks over at Cooperative Press. End story? A fantastic book for 2013.

I am currently hunting for a few more designers to help round out the collection, so if you are interested in submitting a concept or two, keep reading...

Submission Themes: This is a book of socks that goes far beyond the mundane lace we’ve been playing with, pushing you out from behind the hats and baby blankets. And it is certainly not for the weak of heart. 

Check out my Pinterest Board for inspiration. 

I am looking for knit sock designs that invoke the inner bad-ass, that are bold and risqué, daring and sassy, and just downright raunchy.  Feel free to utilize lace, cables, fair-isle, and more to get your cheeky, independent point across. Explore new techniques and construction. Think powerful and brave. Think daring and in-your-face like the Roller Derby gals. Think about those favorite naughty words and phrases that your feet are itching to stomp out. Don’t be shy!

Level: Intermediate +

Deadline for Submissions: June 18, 2012

For more information on submitting, head on over to Ravelry for the submission guidelines.

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  1. Everybody needs a pair of subversive socks, especially those of us who are too shy to say these things out loud.