Friday, May 11

Your Reference Section

I thought I would share a few little things floating around on my pages....

First is my "Errata" page. I loathe that I have one. But, it serves a noble purpose. It doesn't matter that you've had two tech editors and a few different copy editors review things, boo-boo's still happen. Not to mention, it gets annoying to customers to have to update patterns too frequently. So, the errata page is there for you and when I do make an update on a pattern version, I will note its changes there, as well.

Of course, I HOPE you see my newsletter signup. Until I can get my act together to create a Ravelry Group or a Facebook page, this is the best way to stay up to date on my designs, tester calls, subscriber-only discounts, and other fun tidbits.

And lastly, do explore my video tutorials. I have two - the Cable Cast-On and How to Untink Fisherman's Rib (that's a VERY helpful one!!). If there are videos you would like to see, let me know in the comments section... sometimes it is hard for me to know what beginners need.

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