Thursday, May 24

Yarn Thing Podcast

Yours truly was the guest of the Yarn Thing Podcast interview this past Tuesday! Marly sure has a way of making a gal feel giddy with excitement, so I was quite a bit nervous leading up to being "on air." Luckily, Marly is a born interviewer and made it feel as if we were chatting over a cup of coffee. Did you happen to catch it? If not, go back and give it a listen (as long as you promise not to laugh at me and my funny voice TOO much):

Click Here to Give it a Listen

 We chatted about how I got started designing and my new eBooklet "The Crescendo Collection." Marly is absolutely delightful - funny, generous with her compliments, and highly supportive. I'm lucky that she lives close enough to hang out with occasionally. But, the best news is that you have a chance to win a copy of my Crescendo Collection booklet!

Enter your special pass phrase (you DID listen, didn't you?) on either the Yarn Thing Rav Page or Marly Bird's Facebook page. Hurry, hurry! We'll be having the drawing in a few days!

I hope the interview inspires you to move forward with your dreams. Trust me - it is better to DO than it is to dream. And I am having TONS of fun doing it.

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