Friday, May 25


I have NEVER missed a deadline ... until now. I started a baby blanket last month for my soon-to-be-arriving niece Eva, but then the darn girl had to actually be born on time and I am no where near done. You can blame all the paying gigs I've had (you won't see me complaining, though!). I think we have all been there, eh?

Miss Eva is absolutely precious and I cannot WAIT to meet her! She came out on her actual due date (just like my own daughter!) of May 14th. I am counting down the days until I can make it out to California for a visit!

 SO, while my blanket may not be finished, I console myself with the thought that a baby doesn't need a wool blanket during the summer months anyway. Whew! Gives me a little of leeway there.

 I'm using the lovely Berroco Ultra Alpaca (one of my favorite yarns and companies), with simple garter stitch and a pretty flecked eyelet pattern.

I *should* have this sweet blanket finished up before long, while Eva is still a wee babe, and then, because you know I can't resist, I am thinking of offering up the pattern for FREE to all of my fabulous friends out there.

Now, tell me about your current unfinished projects waiting around - I need to know I am not alone.


  1. She is adorable! My due date for my older son was May 14 two years ago. Instead, he was born April 26th, the day after my birthday.

    I have a sock design in progress and am in the very starting stages of a shawl design. I have at least three quilts in various stages of (un)completion. I'm working on cleaning and organizing the whole house. I have a sample that needs to be reknit. You are not alone.

    1. Oh, the joys of balancing household, errands, childcare, school activities, and design work! :)

  2. Two fo my sons were born on their due dates, on was Christmas Eve. Right now I'm working on a summer afghan I started way too long ago.

    1. Haha! My own daughter, the oldest, was born on her due date, too. Must run in the family. :) Have fun on that afghan - share pics when you are done!