Friday, February 5

Catch Up

Being sick is no fun. Especially when you add two sick kidlets, household chores, and 4 weeks of knitting/design work to the mix. Needless to say, I'm a few days behind right now on the work and I won't even garner a guess on how long it will take me to catch up on chores! I'm still trying to expel this crud from my system. Groan... I do have to tell you, though, the amazing thing my hubs, the Goat, did. He came home early one day this week to let me nap, watch the kids, do dishes, and fold two loads of laundry. Sigh... he makes it all worthwhile.... :)

I do have some other fun tidbits to share - Like the yarn I received this week:
This 100% soysilk from South West Trading Company is soooooo deliciously soft. It is smooth, almost like ribbon, and knits beautifully. Even though black is not known for its ease of use, the stitch definition is stunning. It does catch pretty easily on the needle, so the beginner or speed knitter might want to add a bit of extra mindfulness while working it.

Galway (worsted color nep) by Plymouth is so squishy, soft, and SUPER easy to work with. The stitch definition is awesome!! I have not discovered a con with this yarn, so I am eager to explore it more for my project.

I also decided to try out my new Harmony Needles by Knit Picks. I was a little hesitant to purchase wood, since I am the type of gal who likes metal for its ridiculously slick speed (tee hee), but I was pleasantly surprised at how these handled.
Did you see that sharp tip? Yee-haw! It also helps that the needles are pretty to look at, too.

Ok, enough goofing off. Back to work.

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