Friday, February 19


Knitters who have been around a while start to amass a collection of needles. You have your straights in a huge range of sizes, but then you delve into the world of circulars (where you need not only certain sizes, but different lengths) and double-pointeds (that offer varying lengths, too).

Many of my friends groan and moan about where to keep them all, how to store them, how to quickly access them. While I would like a super spectacular, instant access, gigantic binder, I am pretty happy with my own storage solution.

My lovely and amazing sister (in-law) made me my circular needle holder. Every time I take/replace a needle, I am utterly grateful for its simplicity. It hangs by my desk, over the bookshelf (filled with knitting books, of course)

Straights and Less-Frequently-Used DPNS
I keep them in these lovely vases that were gifted to me - the green one is handmade by a sweet friend. I have a feeling the vase situation might be growing again soon.

I keep my most frequently-used dpns in my kick-booty Knitter's Sachel, along with whatever needles/notions/tools I need for my current project (because that bag goes with my EVERYWHERE!)

Hope you enjoy the needle storage inspiration. I'd love to see pics of your solutions, too!

In the meantime, HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to my sweet sis Jac. Smooches. :)

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