Thursday, February 18


It would seem that I have been MIA for a while, but with my super secret projects and keen business savvy, I have merely been hovering in the background knitting my fingers to the bone. Cardigan #1 is 92% complete (blocking right now with plans this week to sew and trim) while Cardigan #2 was started (sitting at about 14% complete). Needless to say, the next few weeks will continue to expand in their craziness as schematics must be drawn, charts completed, patterns edited, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc .... yeesh! Sometimes, I wonder what I have gotten myself into.

Plymouth Galway knitted up SO beautifully! Oh my gosh! Seriously. But, there is a weeeeee leeeeetle problem with the purple. It tends to ... um... bleed a bit. LOL I knew something might be amiss when the water turned a lovely shade of lilac
(that's my 2 year old daughter's hand playing in the water)

And then when I unrolled my project pieces, imprints were left behind!

Haha! Ah well... its just the name of the game. When I become rich and famous (one day?), I'll buy new towels. Totally worth it.

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