Sunday, February 21

Snowy Days

It has been raining white flurries from the sky for about two days now, which makes me ever glad for wool. I've been hunched over a cardigan, seaming it together, eminently grateful that it warms my lap. And can I just say that my seaming skills are getting really good?!

I've completed the back of Cardigan #2 and it looks fabulous. Mr. Goat, the hubs, even offered up a voluntary, "that's beautiful" comment for me.

Today, my first knitting meet-up group is supposed to take place at the Windy Saddle. As I look out the window, eyeballing the 3 or so inches that cover the ground and the slushy looking side road, I wonder if we will still meet. Hmmmm.... the hesitant decisions we all must face...

I'm also a wee bit sad, too. While I love taking care of my beautiful girls and the growth I am experiencing in my design biz, I miss spinning yarn on my Ladybug! I think she misses me as much as I miss her, so I have promised to devote at least 30 minutes to fondling her fiber today.

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