Monday, February 1

January is finished!

I have finished my January goals. Shall I remind you? Two sleuthing hoodies, 2 pairs of socks, and 4 design submissions. The first two designs were accepted and should show up this November in Creative Knitting Magazine. I'm still waiting to hear on the other two, but those may take a while anyway. The hoodie I just finished is so cute. I discovered that I wasn't a big fan of the superfine cestari (inconsistency in the yarn weight + a LOT of breakage), but the colorway, dyed up by Robynn, was fabulous. At the very least, it is super soft. Please, please, PLEASE pay no attention to my horrendous photography skills. :(


Also, in the month of Jan, my pattern sales + a very very GENEROUS donation from Connie, resulted in a grand total of $122.50 for Doctors Without Borders! Woot!! I've seen some other pattern designers rake in the dough, so I am confident that us knitters are making a huge impact. Yea for you!!!

Speaking of other knitters, I discovered a new blog that I have greatly enjoyed: Knitting to Stay Sane. But, the best part about her blog? She (Glenna C), pointed me to something FAB.U.LOUS that I have to get my hands on: a wee-sized scale! Not only will it be awesome to have in the yarn shop, but it will be a big boost to my herbal preparations. I mean, how nifty is it to carry a tiny little scale around in your purse!?!?! So that will be my next purchase on pay day.

Now I need to get started on February plans (assuming this wretched cold doesn't take me out of the game) ...

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